We offer customized instance traffic billing plans designed specifically for your business needs. Below are the details of your Droplet monthly, quarterly and annual billing options, as well as the fixed traffic quota service elements that you are entitled to for the duration of your instance.

Overview of billing plans:

We offer flexible monthly, quarterly and annual billing plans for instance sales to meet your varying business cycle and resource planning needs. In each billing plan, we guarantee you a fixed traffic quota over the life of the instance to ensure that your business traffic is consistently met.

According to Droplet's official traffic allocation rules, Droplet VM's network traffic allocation mechanism follows the principle of progressive proportionality, which aims to achieve a fair and reasonable allocation of resources. Specifically, if the maximum monthly data transmission quota for a VM is 1,000 GiB, a user who creates a VM at the initial stage of the billing cycle (at the beginning of the month) will be given a transmission quota of 1,000 GiB; if it is created in the middle of the month, its initial quota will be adjusted in proportion to the total quota. When a virtual machine's actual traffic consumption exceeds the allocated monthly quota, the system will temporarily disconnect its network connection until the start of a new billing cycle. The unused transmission quota can continue to be used during the new billing cycle. This mechanism ensures that a virtual machine will receive its full transmission quota regardless of whether it is created at the beginning or middle of the month. This mechanism is designed to effectively manage network resources, ensure fair and reasonable resource allocation, and maintain the continuous and stable operation of the entire system.

Billing plan details:

  • Monthly billing plan: Depending on your actual needs, you can choose the appropriate Droplet specifications and configurations. The instance period is one month, and the calculation starts from the subscription date. Throughout the usage period, you will enjoy a fixed traffic quota for supporting your business traffic requirements.
  • Quarterly Billing Plan: If you need a longer business cycle, we offer a quarterly billing plan for instance sales. The instance cycle is three months and the calculation starts from the subscription date. During this period, you will receive a fixed traffic quota to ensure that your business traffic needs are steadily met.
  • Annual Billing Plan: If you have longer-term resource planning, the annual billing plan is ideal for you. Instances have a one-year cycle, with calculations starting from the subscription date. Throughout the usage period, you will have a fixed traffic quota to meet your business traffic needs.

Pricing details:

Specific pricing information will vary depending on the type of instance, traffic quota and billing cycle you select. You can view the detailed pricing information and billing breakdown on our online platform.

Ordering Process:

You can conveniently select and order your desired billing plan through our online platform. During the ordering process, you are free to choose the instance type, billing period and traffic quota.

Support and Contact:

If you have any questions about customized traffic billing plans or other issues, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We will do our best to provide help and answers.

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