The term "IP blocking" accurately conveys the concept you're describing. It refers to the practice of restricting access to specific IP addresses or IP ranges by implementing filtering or blocking measures, often employed by entities such as the Great Firewall of China (GFW). This results in the affected IP addresses being inaccessible from within the restricted network, leading to issues such as timeouts and failures when attempting to establish connections, such as SSH connections. IP blocking is typically employed for reasons related to politics, law, security, or similar considerations to limit access to specific content, services, or resources.

In the event of IP blocking upon initial boot-up, users are encouraged to submit a formal support ticket. Our dedicated support team will promptly address the issue and facilitate a complimentary replacement of the IP address, ensuring seamless connectivity.

For instances where IP blocking arises during the course of utilization, a streamlined process is in place. Users can opt for an IP replacement at a nominal fee of $1 USD. This service aims to swiftly restore network accessibility while maintaining a cost-effective solution for our valued clientele.

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