1. After successful payment, the system automatically creates a Linode instance, and you can check the root password of the instance in the console.
  2. Due to some problems, you need to wait a few seconds to enter Linode console, but you can enter it in a minute at the latest.
  3. You need to refresh the page after performing any operation in the console to perform the next operation, otherwise the next operation is invalid.
  4. After the data transfer volume reaches the pre-allocated upper limit, our management system will automatically execute a forced shutdown procedure and stop the relevant server instances. If the customer renews the service in time before the start of the next billing cycle, the system will automatically reactivate and start the server instance to ensure the continuation of the customer's business. It is important to note that even if the data transfer limit has been reached, we will not delete the server instance immediately. The system will delete the server instance only if the customer does not continue to renew. This approach is designed to give customers sufficient time and opportunity to manage their services and avoid unexpected data loss or business interruption.

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