Use Xshell to connect to the server via SSH private key:

Get SSH connection information:

a. On the server console, click the PEM File button to download the PEM file.

Configure the connection in Xshell:

a. Open Xshell and select Create New Connection.

b. Enter the IP address of the server as the hostname and the port defaults to 22.

c. The user name will be emailed to you, enter the user name (SSH Key User name) received by your account email address.)

d. Select the downloaded PEM file as the private key.


Save and connect:

a. Click "OK" to confirm the settings.

b. Optionally, save the connection configuration for future quick connections.

These steps should give you clearer instructions for connecting to the server via Xshell using an SSH private key. Please note that it is important to secure your private key and only use these credentials on trusted devices and networks.

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